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Tourmaline | 碧玺



Gemstone: Premium Natural 3A 天然 正品 | Tourmaline 碧玺

Bead Size: 10 MM

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Tourmaline contains bright and rainbow colours, and each individual colours have different natural gemstone benefits.

Tourmaline's rainbow colours is invigorating while lifting one's mood. It helps in expanding minds and visions, with auxiliary treatment effect on curing mental illnesses.

Tourmaline contains energy with calming effect, helping one to focus better. The rainbow colours colours can inspire ideas and creativity, so that people behave steadily and strive for the best – making their careers flourish.

Tourmaline emits a magnetic field with great affinity, which can eliminate the separation between people and has a natural attraction and charm effect in love and friendship.

In addition to the above effects, the different colours of Tourmaline also has different benefits:

◦ Red Tourmaline: plays the main functions of attracting love, increasing popularity, enhancing relatioship with the opposite sex, inspiring compassion, lifts one’s mood, feels comfortable, blending well into different occasions, and strengthening affinity.

◦ Green Tourmaline: corresponds to the heart wheel of the human body – it is particularly beneficial to human heart and lung function. Green gems are also a symbol of wealth, which has the function of enhancing finance and fortune.

◦ Yellow Tourmaline: corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body – it is very good for the human digestive system. Yellow gems belong to the symbol of wealth, which can enhance wealth and helps development of business. Yellow Tourmaline also has the healing function of calming people, clearing of mind and thinking.

◦ Blue tourmaline: corresponds to the throat of the human body – it has a good healing effect on the human respiratory tract and trachea. The blue magnetic field helps to soothe one's mood, stablises emotions, and can strengthen the ability to inspire and predict things. Blue Tourmaline is also the most precious tourmaline colour.

◦ Black Tourmaline: has effects of eliminating evil spirits. Black Tourmaline can effectively relieve stress and heal fatigue. It also plays a role in eliminating sickness and turbidity of the human body, improving physical health, and enhancing good luck.





◦ 红 碧玺:可以起到吸引爱情、增进人缘、增强异性缘、激发人的同情心和慈悲心、使人开心愉悦、心情舒畅、融化冷漠的场合、加强亲和力等等主要功用。

◦ 綠 碧玺:对应人体的心轮,对于人体心肺功能尤有益处。绿色宝石也是向来的财富之石,具有增强财运、有助于事业的发展之功用。

◦ 黄 碧玺:对应着人体的太阳轮,对人体的肠胃消化系统很好。黄色宝石归属于财富的象征,可以增强财运,有助生意事业的开展;黄碧玺还具有使人冷静、思维清晰、调理分明、使人处事稳妥之疗愈功用。

◦ 蓝 碧玺:对应着人体的喉轮,因此蓝碧玺对于人体的呼吸道以及气管具备良好疗愈效果;蓝色磁场能使人心境清明、情绪平稳、尤可加强通灵感应和对事物的预知能力等等功用。蓝碧玺也是最珍貴的碧玺顏色。

◦ 黑 碧玺:具有辟邪化煞之功效 – 可以起到有效地缓解压力还有疲劳疗愈之效,还可以起到消除人体的病气浊气、改善身体健康、增强好运之寓意。