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The Classic | Citrine 黃水晶



Gemstone: Premium Natural Citrine 5A 天然 級品 黃水晶

Bead Size: 8 MM

Charm: Silver | Gold | Rose Gold

Citrine symbolises happiness, health, and wealth. Citrine adjusts and calms people’s emotions, as well as enhancing confidence greatly — which are the roots of happiness. Citrine has the effect of relieving tension and helping digestive system. It can also increase people’s ability to think and relieves tension.

黄水晶象征着快乐,健康,财运。快乐是源于黄水晶可以调整人们的情绪,使人沉着,冷静,浮躁的心变平静,心情舒畅,愉快 — 使人自信大大增强,遇事不再犹豫,信心百倍,这些都是快乐的根源。黄水晶有消解紧张情绪,帮助肠胃等消化系统的功能。佩戴黄水晶也可以增加人的思考能力和缓解紧张的情绪。