Effynius Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery

Green Phantom Quartz Stardust Bracelet [3A] 綠幽靈滿天星千層塔手鍊



Material: Green Phantom Quartz 綠幽靈滿天星千層塔

Grade: 5A 級品

Size: 10MM

Green Phantom Quartz consists of various minerals such as water plants, green hills, clouds and other sceneries, with high ornamental and collection value. Green Phantom Quartz is known as the best crystal of wealth. It boosts fortune and wealth in career as well as personal life. Green Phantom Quartz has a special magnetic field and this spiritual power is very powerful. It is often used to ward off evil spirits. Green Phantom Quartz corresponds to the four wheels, contributing physically and psychologically. Relieves breathing difficulties, nervousness, insomnia, anger, delusions. Relieves stress and emotional distress.