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2021 Horse【馬】:Auralite 23 極光 23



Gemstone: Premium Natural 5A 天然 級品 | Auralite 23 極光 23

Bead Size: 8 MM | 10 MM

Charm: Silver 銀 | Gold 金 | Rose Gold 玫瑰金

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Auralite 23 is a very rare type of amethyst that contains a combination of different minerals from a list of 23. Auralite 23 is estimated to be around 2.4 billion years old and to have come from a time when everything had melted into a solution due to heat from impacting comets. Some of the 23 different minerals that have been found in Auralite 23 are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Hematite, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Malachite & more.

Today, it is being called by many as the most powerful crystal to have ever been discovered. It removes the “ticking clock”, replacing it with calmness and deep thoughtful insight. It allows the body to relax and removes tension, headaches, eye strain, stress and muscle pain. Auralite 23 tones down anger and hot tempers. It also raises mindfulness and teaches to think before actions. It is also known as the “Ultimate Master Healer” due to its powerful healing properties. The sheer amount of elements found in Auralite is enough to ignite positive changes in a person’s soul. It creates a bridge to the divine and serves as an open channel to the angelic realms and the universe.

Auralite 23 can facilitate connection with spirit guides and bring harmony to your life. It works like a magnet, attracting opportunities, situations and people that one needs to grow as a spiritual being. Auralite 23 is also good for healing. It creates a powerful flow of energy that will balance all 7 Chakras. Auralite 23 is known for being one of the only crystals that intertwines with a person’s soul creating a mutual bond of companionship, affection, loyalty, mentorship and friendship.

極光23為「世界上最古老水晶寶石」,已擁有超過 11 億年歷史。Auralite 23 名稱主要來自美洲原住民,意思為「地球與天空中,連接北方極光的奇蹟」。Auralite 23 水晶給人的感覺非常甜蜜,能像羽毛掃子一樣消除舊的和不必要的限制,堵塞和恐懼。

極光23內含有23種礦物,集合多種能量共振的獨特水晶 —— 如銀,金,鉑,赤鐵礦,紫水晶,黃水晶,石英,孔雀石等 —— 故因此而得名。它是能量超強的多功能水晶,可通人體七輪,激發內在洞察力,可開啟更高的覺知和靈通能力,助你充分發揮你的潛能。